Should You Hire Live in Care Provider?

With advancing age, older adults have to decide whether they should move permanently into an elderly care center or get cared at home. More and more senior citizens now prefer the second option. It is always better to stay in the familiar home surrounding. It is comforting and gives peace of mind. It is easier to meet close family members and friends. A big advantage of getting cared at home is that only minor assistance is needed. A live in care worker is sufficient to provide basic care and assistance services. There are many agencies that connect elderly people to home care providers.

It is important to avoid taking the decision to shift to an elderly care center under duress. Many elderly people take such a decision suddenly after an emergency or a sudden loss. It is better to consider all available options and budget. With advancing age, an elderly person’s needs increases. It becomes difficult for family members to provide all the support that the senior member of the family needs. It is time to consider taking help of a trained care provider at home. It is a paid service that is provided by trained, certified and registered caregivers. These professionals are trained to provide home assistance to elderly. They can be hired only for specific tasks or complete daycare support service at home. It all depends on the needs of the elderly person.

The live in care provider can help with washing and dressing. The person can do household chores like vacuuming and simple housekeeping. The caregiver can cook and prepare meals. The main task of the professional is to provide quality nursing and health care services. Elderly person finds right companionship. Agencies providing such services offer flexible options depending on the specific needs of the client. The same caregiver may be able to offer a few or all of these services. If extended support is needed, the caregiver can be hired for 24-hour care. The assistance session can be as short as 15-minute visit for respite care or as long as 24-hour assistance. It is important to remember that the client is also required to take care of some basic needs of the care provider at home. The professional needs short breaks during the working hours.